Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sitting by the Giant Tree

I made this digital painting a year ago.

Oh, and I've been adding more and more people to my blog links. I feel like I'm collecting pokemon, but it's really awsome artists instead... Gotta catch them all!


Touchskies said...

very nice illustration.

thanks for posting a comment on my blog.


loufane said...

On aurait bien envie de se promener dans cet univers! J'aime tes couleurs et le mouvement de tes illustrations!
C'est presque une overdose de cute aussi!;0)

Travis Christian said...

I really like this one! There's a cool little world in there. Very believable to me!

I know what you mean about "collecting links". Ever since I started posting, I've been hooked. So much inspiration out there!

So please. post often. I look forward to it!

MiJa said...

This is so beautiful & enchanting! I almost expect a little odd creature to come visit her from the distance!

Anonymous said...

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Miraje nocturne said...

This is so sweet... *.*