Saturday, May 27, 2006


I forgot my password.... and user name... wowow! ^^ Meanwhile, I moved to a new city, bought a lil kitty and drew some stuff too ^.^ Busy busy!!!

This drawing was a doodle I made in one of my anatomy class last year. Just found it back while I was unpacking my stuff. I had a bit of color just for fun. So here it goes. I would like to write more stuff, but my kitty is attacking my hands one the keyboard, and the screen and my tablet pen and... now is sitting on my tablet (i never use the mouse...)


sylvain said...

bon je t'écris un commentaire parce que c'est tellement le fun de voir 1 au lieu de 0 à coté de commentaire...ceci dit je vais revenir voir toute ces belles choses cute et mon amertume va foutre le camp!!!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Neat robot !

Oliver Chipping said...

Your stuff is really amazing! this is a really great blog. I love this little robot.