Thursday, April 13, 2006

Illustration covers

I think I'm kind of getting along with that Blogger thingy now. I've been traveling from blog to blog and I felt on so many great artists! I think I've never been so inspired now than before! Each day I'm adding more and more people in my artist blog. This is more a reminder for me to check them again to see their new stuff, but feel free to take a look, they're worth it!

Today, I decided to add three images I did as my first professional illustration work. There were the covers for three children novels called Eolia, princesse de lumière, by Fredrick D'Anterny. A french novel.

It was really nice as my first experience with an editor. Really formating, especially with the deadlines! O_O I had to make three novels, with 12 grey tones illustrations and 13 small other ones each book, in 2 months and a half... As I was working full time in an animation studio -__- ... I forgot what was life like. BUT! I so greatly improve during these months! ^^ I'd do that again anytime!! ^____^

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