Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sitting by the Giant Tree

I made this digital painting a year ago.

Oh, and I've been adding more and more people to my blog links. I feel like I'm collecting pokemon, but it's really awsome artists instead... Gotta catch them all!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Illustration covers

I think I'm kind of getting along with that Blogger thingy now. I've been traveling from blog to blog and I felt on so many great artists! I think I've never been so inspired now than before! Each day I'm adding more and more people in my artist blog. This is more a reminder for me to check them again to see their new stuff, but feel free to take a look, they're worth it!

Today, I decided to add three images I did as my first professional illustration work. There were the covers for three children novels called Eolia, princesse de lumière, by Fredrick D'Anterny. A french novel.

It was really nice as my first experience with an editor. Really formating, especially with the deadlines! O_O I had to make three novels, with 12 grey tones illustrations and 13 small other ones each book, in 2 months and a half... As I was working full time in an animation studio -__- ... I forgot what was life like. BUT! I so greatly improve during these months! ^^ I'd do that again anytime!! ^____^

Monday, April 10, 2006

Graduation animated short - Chaleur d'hiver

I made last year as my graduation project. I made everything, evem music. It was my biggest challenge in my whole life! I just can't wait to make another one. (thing I am working on as I'm writing now). This one was 1 min long. I hope to make a longer one... maybe 10 minutes? O_o

Here are some screen shots:

And here is a link to the movie. You better check the quick time version. The avi's sound is a bit off the image. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sketchbook, first randomness.

These are at least one year old sketches I've been collecting. They are a selection of my favorites in the "old stuff" section. The rest is top secretly hidden in my oh! shamefull Sketchbook of Shame. These you'll never see. Unless some unknown alien forces take control of my body, or ,simply, I just went out of my mind.... which won't happen...

Anyway, first picture. I was trying to draw some original animal mixes. Must do that again, it was kind of fun. Please, don't mind the random superman.... -_-

Next one some character randomness. The guy at the top left was greatly inspired by 2D, the singer of Gorillaz. I'm kinda proud of the top right guy. He was supposed to be a basketball player... Could you tell?

Last one for today. Girlystuff! I have a colored version of the sitting fairy lost somewhere in my messy computer. Maybe I should try to find it.

Feel free to leave any comments, I don't bite. Thanks for reading down to here if you did. :)

First time.

This blog writing thingy is still quite new to me. I'm not really a net community person, but blogs really do have their advantage when it comes for sharing stuff and discover new things. I think I really got intrested into such things when I felt on the drawing blog of some awsome artists and designers (some who where really my favorites). So I decided to give it a try. is what started all this.

It's hard for me to decide what to post as a first image... I'll think about it and post it tomorow. It deserves some reflection I think.

Oh and another thing. Sorry for my English sometimes. It may sound weird. If you could hear me, I'd have a big French accent >_