Sunday, January 20, 2013

Goodbye little Beluga friend :(

Recently a St-Lawrence beluga lost his way and ended up around Montreal. It is most unlikely, since belugas live in salty water. No attempt was made to help him out (it was a HE, and thus didn't matter for the health of the St-Lawrence beluga population). He stayed there for at least a good week and people could sometimes see him popping out near the Vieux Port. He eventually disappeared. Probably got sick from the ugly water around Montreal and died. (I would NEVER bath around there!!). I was quite sad for him. So I ended drawing a beluga receiving a hand from a friendly little gal to find his way back home. I finished it a month ago. I don't why I didn't post it up to now. It's about time now!
I used to go watch the Beluga at my grand-ma's place when I was younger. I was shocked to learn recently that there only is around 100 of them left.