Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Croquis!! Sketches!!

Bonjour tous! Quelques croquis! Les premiers sont des croquis pour le roman Éolia, pincesse de lumière tome 11.


Here are some sketches I did for the eleventh volume of a children novel series called Eolia, princesse de lumière.


Chetan Trivedi said...

hey Christine..
nice work..ur sketches look really good.. keep up the cool work.. specially the hands.. m learnin sketchin myself.. so i know how problematic they are to draw.. atleast for me..heh
ur short film looks good too..
keep posting..
looking forward to some fine animation..
Merry Christmas.
n keep rocking

Christine said...

Hi Chetan! Thanks for you kind comment! Yeah, you are totally right, hands are a pain to learn to draw. But what I realized over time is the more you learn to draw better hand, the more you general anatomy drawing skills improve too!

If you get a grip over those dreaded drawn hands, you will have come a real step further. Keep up!